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What’s next for your studio in 2019?

Posted Thursday, January 31st, 2019 by Akada

Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” Whether wishes are personal or for business growth, without planning, they just remain as wishes. If you have big wishes for your dance studio, now is a great time to look back, look at the present, look ahead, and plan for the year.

Evaluate the past.

What has been working? What was successful? What did you consider a failure? These are basic questions that can help you reflect and evaluate the action you’ve taken over the past year. Maybe you remember that recital costumes were a mess and a huge stressor. Maybe your Nutcracker performance went off without a hitch because you used a new tool for tickets. The most important reason to look back is to learn from the past.

Observe the present.

Just like reflecting on the past, observing the present helps you determine what is working and what isn’t. What are some of the strengths for the studio? What are some areas that could use improvement? Is your staff focused on growth, or just barely staying afloat? At the end of the day, are you energized or exhausted by your studio?

Look ahead.

After reflection and observation, narrow down goals. If there is an area to improve, be specific about what will improve it, and write down the steps to make it happen. Just remember that your goal is your wish and wishes take work.

Make the plans.

At this point, use a calendar and checklist and start making a plan that includes specific tasks and deadlines. Communicate plans with the staff, and make sure they really understand the bigger picture of the studio. Delegate what you can, use tools that work for you and keep you and your staff on task.

Whether your studio is large and established, or small and new, yearly planning is critical to keep the studio running smoothly and instill confidence with your dance students and their families. A family may be less likely to invest in classes if the studio is chaotic and unorganized. Having plans in place is a great way to reduce the chance of anything negative happening and will help you focus on everything good that is happening instead.

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