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Uploading File to Akada

Akada gives you the ability to upload files to our server and, instead of attaching the files, email the file as a link. This option ensures that the email is sent promptly and eliminates the need to limit file sizes. Files will be saved on our server for 90 days and are re-usable.


Uploading Files


  • From the Akada home screen, click on Email.
  • Click on the Uploaded Files button at either the top (shown above) or the bottom of the screen.


  • Click the +Upload button.
  • Click the Choose File button.
  • Find the file on your computer, select it, and click Open.
  • Add a description of the file.
  • Click Upload.
  • You’ll now see your file shown in the grid.


Inserting Your Link to an Email

  • On the email screen, place your cursor where you’d like the link to appear.
  • Click the Uploaded Files button at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Insert Link button next to the correct file.

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