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The 3 numbers every dance studio owner should track!

Posted Saturday, September 24th, 2022 by Akada


Is my social media doing anything? Does anyone visit my website? Why aren’t people signing up their kids for dance classes at my studio?

Do you find yourself asking these questions, but don’t even know where to start when figuring out what the problem is? Let’s take a look at the 3 easiest numbers you need to be tracking in order to figure out what needs attention!

#1 : Track engagement rate on social media posts.

Social media is often the first place most customers find out about your business or check to see what you are about. You can post on social media every day, but if it isn’t engaging then it might be a huge waste of your time! 

To see if your social media is helping you to get new customers, you need to determine the engagement rate on your posts. This will tell you how many of the people who saw your post has engaged with it (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

This is how you do it:

Divide the total number of engagements on a post by the reach per post. Multiply the result by 100. You can find the engagement and reach numbers on your Meta Business Suite.

The ideal engagement rate is 1-5%. Once you start to look deeper into each post and how they are performing, you might determine you need to improve your content or you might be surprised that it is doing just fine!


Our suggestions to improve your engagement on social media:

Video Content: always performs higher than a static image

Testimonials: make sure to tag your happy clients so they can re-share the post

Be Personable: ask questions, do polls, create conversations


#2 : Track web page bounce rate.

The next place most potential customers are going to visit is your website! So let’s look at that and see what is going on! 

Looking at the bounce rate is going to tell you whether your visitors are leaving a page rapidly or staying to read the content. This will give you a great indication as to whether you need to update the look, simplify the page, or leave it as is.

This is how you do it:

Go to Google Analytics (set this up if you don’t have it connected to your website) and on the left side, go to the section “Behavior – Site Content – All Pages”. Make sure to set the time frame at the top right to the previous month and in the columns you will be able to see the bounce rate for each page. 

Bounce rate breakdown:

  • 26 to 40 percent is excellent
  • 41 to 55 percent is roughly average
  • 56 to 70 percent is higher than average
  • Anything over 70 percent is not good and needs to be addressed


Our suggestions to decrease the bounce rate:

Keep your web pages short and simple with a button to register on every page

Post your class schedule on your website organized by age

Include testimonials of happy customers

Focus your messaging on the benefits of dancing at your studio


#3 : Track accounts that did not register for classes. 

The last place we get to on the journey of signing up for dance classes, is when the customer creates an account in the software you are using. Keeping a close eye on how many “new accounts” were created and how many of those ended up registering for classes is highly important so that no one falls through the cracks! 

Within the Akada software, accounts can be sorted in multiple ways:

  • Active: enrolled in dance classes
  • Inactive: previously was enrolled, but no longer are
  • Prospects: new accounts that haven’t registered for classes

Tracking the numbers of those 3 groups are going to help you see if you are growing and if your efforts to convert those prospects or inactive customers to become active is working. It is so rewarding to look back and see the numbers change over time!


Our suggestions to increase class registration:

Send all prospects a text message (free with Akada software) or email to see if they need help with registration and provide a phone number they could call for assistance! 

Send all previous customers a text message (free with Akada software) or email to let them know you miss them and are checking in to make sure they didn’t forget to register for classes! (because life is busy!)


There are SO many numbers you could track, but these 3 are a great starting point! These numbers are going to tell you the most important information you need to figure out WHY someone might not be registering for classes and where they might be dropping off or getting “stuck”.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering how often you should look at these numbers? Well, that is completely up to you and what you can handle! If you have an employee dedicated to marketing, they could look at these numbers once a week to continue to improve your messaging and the look. If you do not have that luxury, we suggest looking at the numbers once a month, decide what changes need to be made and make a goal for where you want to see those numbers next month!

Now it’s time to get tracking! We are rooting for you here at Akada!


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