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Text Messaging

Akada now gives you the ability to send text messages to your customers. This can be handy way to get important announcements out quickly and in a manner that most people will read instantly. Things like class cancellations or weather related studio closings can be sent out with just a few clicks. The instructions below will you show you how to setup and then send a text message.

When you set up your texting you’ll be assigned a random number in your area code that your parents can then save to their contacts. You may want to send an introductory text requesting they save the number. The texts are limited to 160 characters and this will prevent you from needing to enter your studio name each time.

Setting up Text Messaging:

  • Click on the Hamburger menu (3 lines) in the top left corner of the Akada Screen.
  • Select Texting.
  • Select Texting Setup.
  • You will now see the screen pictured above.
  • Choose your country.
  • Enter the preferred Area Code.
  • Click Request a Number.
  • The number you’re assigned will be the number all text messages come from.
  • Click Save.
  • Now you’re ready to Text.

Reply Message and Releasing a Number:

Now that you’ve been assigned a phone number to text from you can setup a reply message. Texting through DanceWorks is one way. Setting up this message allows you to create an automated response to your customer in case someone replies to your text messaging.

If you should decide you don’t want to send texts through Akada for some reason you can simply click the “Release Number” button. Once you release a number you will not be able to get that number back.


Sending a Text

  • Once you’ve setup your texting you will be take to the screen pictured above (You’ll only have to do the setup 1 time).
  • Click Enter Recipients.



  • Choose the recipients you’d like to text.*
  • Click the X to return to the send screen where you’ll see your recipients loaded.Text4
  • Type your text message in the Message field.
  • Click Send.

Tip: Once you have your texting setup we recommend sending an introductory text to all of your clients letting them know that it is you and ask them to add the number to their contacts so when you send texts in the future it will come up as your name on their phones. You can also use this opportunity to explain that the text messages are one way and that you can’t monitor replies.

*You have the ability to text by Account Phone, Parent 1 or 2 cell, Student, Staff, or by Class. To select multiple accounts you can click to highlight one name, then hold down your control key (or command key on a mac) and click to highlight the other names you wish to send to.

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    1. currently only for Canada and the States. I’ll check with our programmer to see if it is possible to make it available in Australia. We use a 3rd party provider for these so it may be up to them.

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