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Student Defaults

The Student Defaults page gives you the ability to create some basic settings that will be used often on the student information page.





Student Schools, Skills, Doctors, & Fees:

When adding a student to your data base you’ll find that you are able to choose their school, doctors, skills achieved, or student fees from different drop down menus on the page. The Student Default screen is where you will manage those drop down menus. Here you can add, edit, or remove options from the drop down menus that appear on the Student Info Page.

To access Student Defaults:

  • Select the DanceWorks Online Main Menu.
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Student Defaults.


Update Recital Participation:

This function gives you the option to add or remove all students from Recital Participation. Once on the Student Defaults page simply click to expand the section, check the box next to Add or Remove and then click the appropriate button.

Update Active Student Data:

This function allows you to update all active student’s Grade or Year’s at school. Simply check the box next to the data you’d like to update and then click but button. Once updated you will see a date to indicate when it was update last. This serves to help avoid updating too often.



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