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Selecting the Right Costume Company

Posted Monday, September 16th, 2019 by Akada

Progressing through the dance studio year, a dance studio owner must make many decisions. One important decision is selecting the right costume supplier for recitals. Working with a costume supplier business can either make an already-stressful process even worse or a much smoother process. Preparing ahead of time and asking the right questions can prevent a lot of problems down the road.


Look for a variety

Does this company have a variety of styles? Do they offer a variety of accessories? Can you get a wide selection of sizes, and can you get costumes for boys too? When there is a variety of students, dance styles, ages and sizes, all of this variety must be considered.


Look at the fine print

It is very important to plan and not get surprised by an unexpected bill or find out that something needed isn’t included in the contract. Read the fine print so billing, exchanges, payments, and returns aren’t an issue when least expected.


Look for the extras

While reading the fine print, also look for the value bonuses that costume companies offer. A service is being offered, so look at reviews of the company. Check on discounts, customer service options, the turn-around time for exchanges, and any other extra that is offered.


Because so much is at stake with the costumes, it pays to do the homework ahead of time. Costumes are a big part of expenses, and if the studio owner is unhappy, chances are the students and parents that are ultimately paying for the service will be unhappy as well. Hopefully, the costume company that wins the studio’s business will be a company that deepens and grows a relationship for years to come.