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School Policies

When a customer accesses their parent account for the first time the first thing they will see is the studio policy agreement page. This is no different than the policy agreement your studio may require parents to sign in person. Using the Policies page in your DanceWorks Online settings you can easily add the polices that your parents must sign before they are allow to proceed to their parent access.

Once the policy is signed it is noted with the name and date of signature on the customer’s account page.





To Add School Policies:

  • From the DanceWorks Online main menu select Admin.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Policies.
  • Enter your headers and policies in the 4 areas provided.
  • Enter your “Agree to Policy” Text.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Note: When you click the Save button you will be given the option to Update or Update and require Signature. If you are making a small change such as correcting a typo simply updating will allow you to make the change with out requiring your customer to sign the policy again. If you are a change to a policy or are starting a new year and want your customer’s to agree to the policy again choose Update and Require Signature.


School Policy Reports:

School Policies – This allows you to easily create a paper version of your policies page for a parent to read and/or sign in person.

School Policy Signature Dates – Here you can run a list of your accounts by status and see who has and who has not signed the school policy agreement. You may also choose to only see customers who have not signed.






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    1. Yes, just click the save button and then you’ll get the option to just save or save and require.

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