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Recitals – Scheduling a Recital

Once you have added a recital to your current recitals list you are ready to start adding classes and songs to the schedule.



To Schedule a Recital:

  • From the Current Recitals page click View next to the recital that you want to schedule.
  • You will be directed to the recital schedule page where you will see a list of your available classes seen above.
  • To add a song to the recital schedule click on and drag the class to the Scheduled Classes section at the bottom (pictured below). You may also click the Add to Recital button to the right of the class name.


  • To change the recital order simply click and hold your mouse on the name of the class and drag it where you want it in the schedule. You may also use the move up/down buttons located to the left of the song.
  • When you have completed your schedule click the Save Changes button located above the scheduled classes.


Managing the Recital Schedule:

Remove From Recital – Use this option to remove a class/song from the recital entirely. The class will then appear in your available classes list.

Edit Song – This function allows you to make changes to the song title and length.

View Students – Use this button to view a list of students participating in the recital from the class.

Add Songs for All Classes – For a class to appear in the available classes list it must have a song title assigned to it. By default, DanceWorks Online assigns the title S1 to all new classes that are created. However, these titles are often cleared by the studio. The Add Songs for All Classes button (seen in image 2) allows you to assign a generic place holder title to all classes so that they appear in the available classes list.


Costume Change Criteria:

The costume change criteria allows you determine the minimum number of songs needed for a performer to change costumes between their dances. This function will then test your recital schedule and then tell you which students do not have enough have minimum number needed between routines.




To Use:

  • From the recital schedule page scroll to the bottom.
  • Use the drop down to enter the minimum number of songs between performances.
  • Click Test Schedule.
  • A .PDF will be downloaded providing a list of students with conflicts and which classes/numbers are in conflict.
  • Reorder your recital schedule to eliminate any conflicts.
  • Test the schedule again.

Note: It may take several attempts at rescheduling the recital to eliminate all conflicts. 


2 responses to “Recitals – Scheduling a Recital

  1. It would be much more helpful if the recital scheduling page moved like a spreadsheet. I’d much rather drag a song up or down rather than having to click move up and move down is really tedious.

    It would also be great if you could select all the dances you wanted to import at once like via check box rather than having to select each song individually.

    It would also be nice if their were a pop up or something telling you there isn’t enough time for a student to change as you are moving the dances around. Having to stop and download a report every time to check takes for ever. This whole process takes forever and we usually end up scheduling our recital in excel and going through each dance to check for quick changes.

    Overall the recital scheduling tool isn’t very user friendly, it takes more energy to schedule through dance works than if I just download the class information and figure it out on my own which is disappointing. We have three separate shows for our spring recital and it usually takes around 10-15 hours to get the dances scheduled properly.

    1. Hi Jenna, You can click on a song and drag it to the recital schedule and drag also drag it up and down in the recital order. We’ll make add your other notes to our suggestion list.

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