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Recitals – Rehearsal and Picture Dates

The rehearsal and picture dates screen provides you with a single point of data entry for these dates and times for each class scheduled for a recital. Once entered, the date may be included on schedules and confirmations that are provided to the parents.


To Enter Dates:

  • From the Current Recitals screen click View to load a recital.
  • Above the recital name click the option for Rehearsal and Picture Dates.
  • The dates screen will load (pictured above).
  • Click Edit to the right of the class and the data entry window will appear.


  • Use the calendar drop-down menus to enter both the rehearsal and picture dates and times.
  • When finished, click either Save and Close or Save and Go To Next (class).
  • Enter the dates for all classes for the recital.
  • You now will see the dates and times displayed on the date setup screen.



Note: If you are planning on performing the same show on multiple date be sure to enter the rehearsal and picture dates before copying the recital. This will prevent you from having to enter these dates multiple times. 

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