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Recitals – Current Recitals

The current recitals page in Akada Online gives you the ability to view, manage and add recitals to your session.


Managing Recitals:

View – This option allows you to load additional information about a recital. It is on those pages that you will set your recital schedule, edit songs, run costume change tests, and set recital and picture dates.

Edit – Use this function to change the name or date of a recital.

Copy – This allows you to create a copy of a show. The copy function can be particularly helpful when running the same show multiple times.*

Delete – Use the delete button to remove a show from your database.

Add – This button gives you the ability to add additional recitals to the list.

Note: If running the same show multiple times be sure to enter the rehearsal and picture dates before copying the shows. 

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