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Raising Revenue for Dance Studios

Thankfully, the Covid vaccine is becoming more widely available to the public, and the return to full, in-person dance classes is on the horizon. However, many dance studios are still feeling the financial strain of the pandemic. Some studios are back to in-person classes but find themselves with lower enrollment. Loss of revenue has caused some dance studios to close their doors for good. For those struggling, here are some tips to help revenue pick back up in 2021.

Make every effort to ensure safety.

Parents may not feel comfortable enough to send their children back into the studio yet. Continue offering virtual classes, requiring masks and handwashing in the studio, and following public safety guidelines. Many are tired of virtual classes but feel safer staying virtual, so let your students and families know you’re serious about their health and safety.

Prioritize authentic communication.

Seeing the public rally behind other small businesses may feel hurtful while your dance studio is losing revenue and risks closure. Maybe your patrons don’t realize your hardship. Let them know. Ask for their help. Maybe your community will step up and help fundraise to keep your doors open.  Maybe they won’t balk if you have to raise your prices temporarily. Give them a chance to give back to your studio.

Use this time to network.

Now is a great time to network with other dance studios and business owners. Networking can act as a sounding board to bounce ideas around, and maybe you will realize there are opportunities for revenue streams that you didn’t think of before.

Navigating through a pandemic has been a burden, to say the least. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the initial lock-downs that occurred, we are undoubtedly weary. However, we are continually reminded of what an adaptive and resilient species we are. As the dust settles, may we grow to appreciate the good that has come out of the adversity we have faced and come back stronger, kinder, and more supportive than ever.

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