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Posting Recurring Credit Card Payments

Akada gives you the ability to easily run credit card payments for your customers who have chosen recurring billing at one time. The tool allows you to post credit payments to cover multiple types of charges that fall between into a specified date range. The payment will automatically be entered onto the customer’s account and applied to the appropriate charges.


Figure 1: Sample Post Credit Card Screen.
Figure 1: Sample Post Credit Card Screen.


To Post Recurring Credit Card Payments:

  • From the home screen in Akada select the Charges & Payments tab.
  • Select Post Credit Card Payments on the right.
  • Select the charge types to be included by checking or unchecking the boxes.
  • Set a date range and click the Set Dates button when done.
  • Use the drop down to choose the types of Billing accounts to include.
  • Choose the Recurring Date (or group) number.
  • Enter the description you wish to appear for the payment on customer’s transaction page.
  • Enter the CC fee info if applicable to your studio.
  • Check the boxes to include parent 1 or 2 in receipt emails.


Figure 2: Confirm Credit Card Payments
Figure 2: Confirm Credit Card Payments


  • Select the options for emails to be sent when the process is completed.
  • If needed, edit the Declined CC message your customers will receive if their card is declined.
  • Review the accounts and amounts to be charges.*
  • When satisfied click the Process Credit Cards button.
  • You will receive a pop-up confirming the payments entered successfully as well as payments declined.
  • The posting information will now appear in the posting history on the right.

*Clicking the arrow next to the name will display the charges that are included in total payment amount.


Credit Card Posting History:

Figure 3: Credit Card Posting History
Figure 3: Credit Card Posting History


The CC Posting history allows you see previous postings with their total amounts, view details of the posting, and email receipts if needed. You may print the details of the most recent posting by clicking Print Payments directly above the history chart.


3 responses to “Posting Recurring Credit Card Payments

  1. If using recurring billing to process both tuition and costume charges, is there a report that allows me to view the total tuition received separately from the total costume fees received?
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Jason, Yes, absolutely. When you’re creating a charge you will assign it one of five (registration, tuition, costume, miscellaneous, and late fee) types. You’re able to run income reports based on these charge types. So you will know exactly how much income you brought in for each of them.

    2. Yes, assuming they tuition and costumes were entered as separate charges then the payments would be applied to them and that would be reflected in your income reports.

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