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Parent Home Page (For Studios)

Now that the parent has activated their account they are able to perform a number of functions on their own to help cut down on the number of calls to your studio or time spent in your lobby. We’ll summarize the different options available to the parent below. To learn more about a specific function click on the name.

If you feel like this post will be beneficial to your parents please feel free to link it to your website or to include it in emails referencing the parent portal.

Sample of a parent home screen.
Sample of a parent home screen.


Make a Payment – Here the parent can view and pay any unpaid charges they may have with your studio.*

Select Classes – This allows the parent to see a list of classes that are available for registration and request classes for their child or for themselves.

Account – From this page the parent is able to update basic account information such as phone numbers, email addresses, their credit card, and their parent portal password.

Students – The student screen gives the parent the ability to update basic information about their student, add any important medical or allergy notes, or add an additional student to their account.

Classes – Here your customer can view any classes their child is enrolled in.

Notes – From this screen the parent can view any account or student notes that have been entered into the database and made visible to them. They may also add a note for the studio to see. If a note is added by the parent the studio will be notified.

Policies – The policies tab simply gives the parent an opportunity to re-read your studio policies any time they wish.


It is important to note that the studio has complete control over what functions are available to the parent. You may take away a function completely (online payments for example) or customize what they are able to do with it. You also have the ability to control which pieces of information the parent is able to update on their own. For example, you could make it so they are unable to edit their name. 

*The ability to accept online payments does require the studio to have an account with Powerpay. If do not have an account and are interested in this option please contact them to discuss their rates and setting up and account. 

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