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Parent Portal – Making a Payment

The DanceWorks Online parent portal gives your customer’s the ability to log in and make payments at any time. This can cut down on the number of phone calls to your studio or the time spent in your lobby making a payment. This gives you more time to spend in your classrooms.



To Make a Payment:

  • Once logged into the parent account click on the Make Payment Tab.
  • Check the box to select the charges to be paid or click the Select All Charges button at the top.*
  • Once the charges to be paid are selected the payment options are displayed above the list of charges.



  • The customer may enter a new credit card number to make the payment or use their saved card by clicking the button.
  • Next click the Pay Charge button.
  • A window will appear reminding the parent not to close their browser or use the “back” button until the payment has completed.**
  • The customer will then receive a message confirming the payment was successfully entered.
  • The customer is now safe to log out.


*When a charge is selected the parent may pay less than the total charge by changing the amount in the payment amount field to the right. These directions are also displayed on the screen. The parent may not pay more than the charge amount.

**Once the pay charge button has been clicked closing the browser or clicking the back button prior to the process completing can cause the payment to be approved but not show as paid on the customer’s account.

2 responses to “Parent Portal – Making a Payment

  1. When a parent goes into the portal will it show the total account balance? If they have a credit on account can they charge against it and make no payment but still register?

    1. Yes, the parents do see the account balance. They can see credits on an account. The parent doesn’t have the ability to apply a credit to a charge so they’d need to communicate that they want to do that to the studio.

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