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Sometimes at the top of your DanceWorks Online screen you may notice a flag icon highlighted in pink (pictured below). This is  your notifications menu. When it is pink you have a new notification. A notification could be a new online registration, a new online payment, new account notes, the results of an email you sent, or a new program update.



To view the notifications simply hold your cursor over the flag and menu will drop down. Then just click on the individual notification. Or, you can just click the flag and it will take you to the Notifications screen where you can see them all.



Managing Notifications:

Status – You can use the drop down menu on the left to switch from active notifications to view ones that you have dismissed.

Type – The second drop down lets you narrow the notification list by type.

View – Click the view link will take you to the actual item. For example, clicking view next to an online payment would take you to the details screen of that payment. You can see when the payment was made and what charge was paid.

Dismiss- This function removes the notification from the list. You may also use the Dismiss All option at the top of the page to clear the entire list.


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