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Navigating Through a New World as a Dance Studio

Posted Thursday, June 18th, 2020 by Akada

The events from the pandemic crisis to standing up for human rights have set dance studios on a course into unknown waters. Everything has changed in an instant, forcing studio owners and teachers to embrace a whole new way of teaching from a distance and through an array of emotions. When everything changes and confusion and panic seem to take over, how can dance studios navigate through this abnormal time and support their audience? Here are some tips to help.

Acknowledge the emotions

Face what you are feeling, what teachers are feeling, and what students are feeling. If you are scared, no doubt others are scared too. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Give space for others to be vulnerable as well and use it as a time to bond and comfort one another. For students, losing their face-to-face dance classes can feel mournful and unfair – let them know they are not alone.

Dance through the chaos

Historically, the arts and social justice have been interconnected. Dance can connect individuals with community and create a sanctuary. As you listen to your teachers and students, encourage them to use their movement to heal. Share stories about how dance helps heal and listen to their stories, whether it’s racial inequality, pandemic fears, or something else entirely.

Create a safe space with open conversation

Now would be a great time for dance studio owners and staff to be educated on social injustice issues. Ensuring that your team has an open conversation about what is going on in the world helps create an environment of safety and belonging when studio doors open again. Set the goal of having a safe space in the studio.

Dance is a powerful way to connect people and express emotion. This time of uncertainty might be the catalyst needed to create a powerful space to be more open and more connected as humans. Do not underestimate the power dance has to connect us all.