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Logging In and Saving Login Screen

When you first sign up for DanceWorks Online you’re going to receive a “Welcome” email from us. If you’ve been using the desktop version of DanceWorks this email is going to having information on how to send us your data so that we can upload it to your online software. Most importantly, however, is this email is going to contain the link that you will want to bookmark on any computer or device that you or your employees will be accessing DanceWorks from.

When you click on the link it will open in your web browser and you’ll see your studio name at the top of the screen. Please bookmark this link. Once the page is bookmarked you can login using  your email address or username (admin) and the password you created when signing up.


2 responses to “Logging In and Saving Login Screen

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      We responded to the support ticket that you sent with a question but haven’t heard back from you yet. Just reply to that ticket or give us a call today and we’ll gladly help you out. Our number is 800.286.3471. You can also chat with us using the purple dot in the lower right hand corner of your Akada Online screen.

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