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Keeping Dancers Motivated During a Pandemic

Deserted dance studios are definitely a sad sight, normally buzzing with excitement, movement, and the happy chatter of students. Now dancers perform for their computer screen instead of their classmates and teachers. Staying motivated takes a little more effort for now, but maybe these tips can help students and teachers stay connected and motivated.

Make it meaningful

Nobody enjoys activities that are meaningless to them. Interacting with a screen is obviously going to be different than being in class, so it’s up to teachers to find new ways to make the dance classes meaningful. Help students set new goals to work on techniques or increase flexibility. Celebrate students during the Zoom class, just like you would during a regular class.

Embrace something new

Some dance studios are expanding their classes to include yoga, Pilates, or other types of exercises beneficial to dancers. Students may not have time during a normal dance year to try something new, so maybe trying yoga and meditation will exercise the body and the mind.

Make it work

Students may have a difficult time with the fact that they are not in a studio. Encourage them and their parents to find space solutions. Maybe a bedroom corner can be cleared out, and a DIY barre and portable dance floor could be added. Encourage families to get creative with practice spaces at home. Maybe even renting out equipment to families from the studio can help generate unexpected income.

By now, everyone is tired of this pandemic, students and teachers alike. We all want our world back to normal. With hope, precautions, and good science it will be sooner rather than later. Having a healthy mindset is going to be important to getting there though. As a dance studio owner or a dance teacher, your attitude can either help or hurt, so do not forget about the young eyes that are looking to you. Art will make it through this pandemic, it is part of our human spirit!


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