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Importing Data to DanceWorks Online

If you are new to DanceWorks Online and have been using a different management software then you should be able to import your basic account contact data from a .CSV file format.



To Import Account Data:

  • From the main menu select Admin.
  • Select Import Data.
  • Click the Choose File button.
  • A windows navigator window will appear.
  • Find and Select your file.
  • Your file name should now appear next to the Choose File button.
  • Click the Open File button.



  • Use the Import Accounts As drop down to set the status of the accounts.
  • Use the First Row to Import tool to tell DanceWorks which row of your file to start the import at.
  • In the Data From File to be Imported grid you should see the data each column of the first row to be imported.
  • Use the drop down menu next to each piece of data to tell DanceWorks which field the data should be entered.*
  • Click the Import Data button to start the import process.
  • You will receive a message confirming your data has been imported successfully.

*In the figure above the account number will not be imported because the option to Ignore Data has been chosen.


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