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I am almost at my maximum number of students. How can I easily reduce the number of students I have?

DanceWorks Online calculates your total number of students based on the number of active and inactive students in your database. If you’re getting close to your maximum number and don’t want to increase that then the best thing to do is delete inactive students.



To Clear Inactive Students:

  • From the main menu click on Admin.
  • Click Clear School Data (3rd from bottom).
  • Click the box next to the 2nd option labeled “Set Inactive Accounts to Delete Status and Permanently Delete Students prior to.”
  • Enter the date that you want to use.
  • The number of accounts and students to be removed will be displayed on the right.
  • Click the Clear Selected button at the bottom of the screen.


Set Inactive Accounts to Delete Status and Permanently Delete Students prior to: What this function does is strips any account that went inactive prior to the date you choose of less important information such as source codes, alert codes, or credit card information. It sets the account to a deleted status (think archived) and keeps the customer’s transactions history. The student is permanently deleted from the account thus reducing your maximum number of students.

Choosing a Date – When entering a date it is best to start with a date further back and working your way forward. For example, you may want to start with anyone who went inactive prior to the start of your fall season 2 years ago. If you feel that doesn’t remove enough students work your way forward.


Note: If reducing your number of students has put you in a lower pricing category for DanceWorks Online be sure to contact us and and we will gladly update your billing. The software does not automatically reduce your billing when deleting students. You are welcome to simply send us a ticket from the help menu.


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