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How to run your recital schedule in Akada’s Software

Posted Monday, November 28th, 2022 by Akada

Tis the season! Prepping for a Christmas Recital is no small task and we want to take a load off of your shoulders!

With our software you can make sure that your dancers have enough time between each dance to change costumes and ensure that there are no “back-to-back” mistakes in the lineup.

With our Recital Management feature you add each class that is in the recital, add the song for each class, test the schedule and voila… you find out if there are conflicts or not!

Here is a visual of how to do it: (since we know that most of us creatives need a visual to learn)

#1 – Navigate to the Performances Tab and click “Manage recitals”


#2 – Click “Add a Recital” to add one or multiple recitals depending on the size of your studio

#3 – Add a song and time for each class by clicking “Edit Song”


#4 – Add each class to the recital by clicking “Add to Recital”


#5 – Choose how many songs is desirable for costume changes for students in multiple dances in the recital


#6 – Once the above is accomplished, click “Test Schedule” and it will let you know if there are conflicts or not!


We hope this helps you in your recital planning! 

If you need any assistance in setting this up or have any questions, please reach out.

Happy Holidays,

The Akada Team


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