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Here’s how to increase your dance studio revenue during summer months!

Posted Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 by Akada

For dance studios, summer can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Many dance studios experience a drop in summer attendance, so the rise of the temperature can also mean a decrease in revenue. Now is the time for dance studios to plan, and here are some ideas to keep earning steady income during the lull of summer months.

Themed camps

Compare other summer camps in your community. You may find a lack of dance, theater, or music options. If there appears to be a lack of options, consider themed camps. Little ones might enjoy a week-long princess dance class that includes dance lessons, crafts, and learning a song. Older children may appreciate the opportunity to plan and put on a play. Consider more intensive themed camps for advanced students. If you can, recruit a specialized teacher for intensives. Don’t be afraid to mix in different activities, like crafts or preparing a snack during the class. It may be messy, but happy kids and happy parents keep income flowing in.

Informal classes

The summer heat can stir up just as much cabin fever as winter months. When it’s just too hot to be outside, parents are begging for a place to take the kids and let them burn off energy. One possible solution could be open-age, informal dance classes. Whether they’re offered during specific open hours, or categorized as classes, make it a time of goofy, freestyle, energy-burning fun with an assortment of music.  Informal classes may also give a reluctant student the confidence to try a class when the regular schedule starts back up.

Appeal to the homeschooling crowd

The number of homeschooling families has increased in recent years, and many communities have a thriving homeschool population. Many homeschooling families continue their studies through the summer and seek opportunities for enrichment year-round. Dance studios could gain a lot by teaming up with local homeschooling organizations and offering camps, classes, and programs specifically for the homeschooling demographic. Find local groups on Facebook and start making connections. Not only will homeschooling parents appreciate the offer, but they’ll also likely help spread the word.

Keep your break short

Most people do enjoy and need a break. Schedule your break, and use it to refresh so you can come back with energy and excitement to enjoy the summer months. Most likely, your customers will enjoy a short break also.