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Get Pumped! It’s Conference Time!

Posted Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 by Akada

Attending a dance teacher’s conference can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned dance teacher. They can also be fun and so educational. Dance teachers, studio owners, and studio managers can walk away from a conference completely inspired and refreshed, with re-ignited passion to bring to the studio and students they serve. Here are three reasons why it makes sense to attend a dance conference.

A break from the humdrum.

It has been a busy year. It has always been a busy year. Getting away from the studio, maybe even out of state and out of a normal routine can be the break a studio owner or teacher needs to refresh. That in and of itself is worth the trip!

Meet the experts.

Expos bring in everyone from business experts, choreographers, master teachers, and more. By attending, the teacher becomes the student, and wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace!

Find your passion again.

Dance conference seminars are available to give you ideas, inspiration, and know-how to make a plan for your best year yet. It’s a great place to network, meet others who understand what you go through, and find support. The best part is that dance conferences have something for everyone, from new and seasoned teachers, administrators, and business owners. 


Akada is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Dance Teacher Summit in Long Beach, California from July 26-28, 2019, and August 1-3 in New York; the Dancelife Teacher Conference from July 19-21 in Atlantic City, NJ; and the Dance Teacher Web in Las Vegas from July 29 through August 1. Come get refreshed, learn something new, get inspired, and stop by to say hello!

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