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Five Benefits of Dance for Kids

Posted Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 by Akada

While there are many options for extracurricular activities for children, dance continues to offer benefits for children that parents may not have considered. Families are busy between school and life but squeezing in dance class has value. Here are five reasons why dance classes and dance schools are great for kids.

Physical activity

Obviously, dance is physical movement, and physical activity is great for everyone. Regular dance can improve balance, range of motion, flexibility, and stamina. Children who are involved with dance can see improved posture and coordination. Plus, dancing is just a fun way to move!

Cultural exposure

Throughout history, dance and music have been expressions in nearly every culture, telling stories of the past and expressing values. Dancing can be a valuable way to expose children to beautiful music and movement from other cultures, giving them a bigger worldview and an appreciation for heritage they may not have otherwise approached.

Teamwork and social skills

Just as the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a village to put on a dance performance – even a solo. Children learn to work together, with teachers, and with choreographers during preparation for productions. Even from an early age, participation with dance class means sharing space with other dancers and making friends with fellow dance participants.

Homeschooling options

With the increased number of families who pursue alternative education, like homeschooling, dance classes can be an excellent way to remain connected with friends and other members of the community while doing something fun, educational, and physical.

Improved self-esteem

A child comfortable in their own body, growing their skills, and passionately expressing themselves is generally going to be more confident and have a positive attitude. Physical activity also relieves stress, so when a child has an opportunity for movement and focusing on the present, they can let go of the stress they encounter through the day.

While dance classes may add a little more to a busy family’s schedule, the benefit that children receive from having the opportunity to pursue dance can ease the burden of the time and money it takes. The mental, physical, and emotional benefits will help children grow and continue life with passion, which is worth the efforts of raising happy, well-rounded children.