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Entering Student Measurements

The Enter Student Measurements screen allows you to enter each student in a class’s measurements. Measurements may also be added from the class information page or an individual student’s measurements can be entered from their information page.



To enter Student Measurements:

  • Click on the Performances Tab at the top of Akada Online.
  • Select Manage Costumes.
  • Select Enter Measurements from the row of page options.
  • Click View Measurements next to the desired class.



  • After clicking View Measurements scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • You will see the class listed with the enrolled students.
  • To the right of the student’s name click Edit Measurements.
  • The data fields will then turn white.
  • Enter the student’s Measurements.*
  • Click Save when you are finished.



*For the purposes of assigning costume sizes Akada Online only uses the Girth Measurement. While the other measurements may be useful in helping determine a proper size for kids whose girth measurement may fall between two costume sizes they are not required for the program to assign a size.

Tip: When entering measurements for a new year some studios prefer to clear all of the measurements from the previous year. While you can certainly just edit over existing measurements clearing them can prevent a bit of confusion as to what is new and what is old. Once a student’s measurements have been entered or updated in one class they are automatically updated in all other classes the student is enrolled in.


To clear student measurements:

  • Select the Admin option from the Main Menu in the top left corner of Akada Online.
  • Select Clear School Data.
  • Under the Clear Student Data section check the box next to Clear Student Measurements.
  • Click the Clear Select button.
  • Enter your Akada Online Login password to verify the request.





5 responses to “Entering Student Measurements

  1. Is there no way to just add letter sizes instead of the girth and the measurements? We are a mobile dance company and most of our students are itty bitty so we go by letter how would we change that to letter size instead? We do have older ones preteens but even with them we use letter sizes its much easier we also have a sizing kit that we use that is letter sized.

  2. Is there no way to enter measurements to students in a class as a table, similar to what was done before we moved to the online database? It is extremely time consuming and annoying to have to click on “enter Measurements”, enter then “save changes” on each individual student! Please tell me there is an easier way!

    1. Good Morning! In the desktop software you had to click or tab into each field to activate it and enter the measurement and then the field was locked once you left it. The nature of web based coding doesn’t work like that so you have to take an action to tell it to save/lock the fields which is why it works like it currently does.

      As we make changes to the entire studio database over the next year we’ll see if we can find a more streamlined way of making those changes.

  3. It would be so much easier if we didnt have to click on each student and click enter measurements and then click again to save the measurements…the desktop version was much more user friendly with entering measurements.

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