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Energizing Fall Enrollment in Your Dance Studio

Posted Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 by Akada

Hopefully, the summer brought a newfound sense of energy and excitement for studio owners and staff as fall approaches. Soon the studio will be back in full swing of classes with a mix of new and returning faces. Enrollment stress is real though. Many studio owners nervously watch to see if the classes offered get filled. There are two kinds of students: retained and new. Here are some tips to make sure both types of students are being reached and the buzz of a new season stays energized.

Energizing retained students

Retaining students means showing your appreciation and making them feel like they belong.

  • Start with a bang! Plan some fun events, like a back-to-studio water balloon fight and picnic or a min-fair at a park.
  • Give incentives, like a referral discount to families who bring in new students.
  • Offer an enrollment period for returning students before opening enrollment to the public. 
  • Engage with students – get their feedback, listen to their ideas, and always thank them.

Earning new students

New students are earned by having a stellar reputation and offering something of value to them. 

  • Offer a free trial class.
  • Offer shorter commitments. Maybe some new families aren’t sure they want to lock into a long contract.
  • If these students don’t enroll, reach out to them later with free tickets to one of the shows. 
  • Make sure every student is welcomed by teachers, every time. If they feel appreciated, they’re more likely to return.


Overall, show that you love your studio and everyone in it. Be enthusiastic and welcome people with genuine care. Emphasize to the staff that this care is also expected by them because everyone has a part to play.  By striving to make students feel like a family, the fall return could feel more like a fun family reunion, without embarrassing relatives!