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Session Management – Edit Session

If you need to change a session name or need to extend your class registration period these changes can be made on the Edit Session screen.

Sapless Edit Session screen.
Sapless Edit Session screen.


To Edit a Session in DanceWorks Online:

  • From the Main Menu select Admin.
  • Select Session Management.
  • Select Edit Session.
  • Use the drop down menu to choose the session to be edited.
  • Re-type your session name or use the calendars to select new dates.
  • When finished, click the Update Session Button.
  • You will receive a message confirming the update was successful.


Session Begins Date – This date will be used on the student’s class history has the first day of class.

Registration Dates – These dates will determine when the online registration is available to your customers. Registration will become available on the start date and will be closed at midnight on the registration ends date.

Enter Class History End Date – This option allows you to add or change the end date on student’s class history for chosen session.

Display in Session List – This function allows you to remove a session from the session drop down lists that appear on other screens throughout DanceWorks Online. This gives you the ability to hide the session without having to delete it. Note: All sessions will always appear in the drop down on the Edit Session screen.

Activate All Students Enrolled In Session –  If you’ve accidentally deactivated students who are enrolled in classes in a session this function will allow you to Activate anyone who is enrolled in a class in the chosen session.



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