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Deleting All Transactions

The Clear School Data screen in DanceWorks Online allows you delete pieces of data, including transactions, from your entire database with one function versus having to go account by account or class by class. Unlike the desktop version of DanceWorks, transactions in DanceWorks Online are not tied to specific sessions. Deleting any transaction permanently removes it from your entire database and it can not be recovered. For tax purposes we do not recommend this unless you use have transferred all transactions to Quickbooks. Instead, we recommend filtering the transactions which simply allows you to hide the dates you do not wish to see. You can apply a filter through your the user defaults attached to your username. Just click on your username in the top right corner of the DanceWorks screen.




To Filter Transactions:

Image 1


Image 2


  • Click on your username/email in the top right corner of the DanceWorks screen (image 1).
  • On the Edit User screen scroll down to the section labeled “Select User Defaults.”
  • Enter a Start Date for transactions (Any transaction prior to this date will be hidden).*
  • Scroll to to bottom of the page and click Update.

*You may also enter an End Date for transactions but it is not required.


However, If you have transferred your transactions to quickbooks and would still like to delete your transactions use the following steps:



To Clear Transactions: 

  • Select the DanceWorks Online main menu.
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Clear School Data.
  • Check the box to next to “Permanently Delete Transactions.
  • Use the drop down menu to choose either Voided or All transactions.
  • Enter your “Prior To” date.
  • Click the clear Selected button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Read the disclaimer and enter your login password.
  • Click the Clear School Data button to confirm.
  • You will see a message display that the data has been cleared successfully.





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