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Customer Access Settings – General Settings

DanceWorks Online gives your current customers the ability to access a parent account. Potential customers even have the ability to create a brand new account from your website.

The Customer Access settings pages are where you will control the layout of parent accounts, what actions the parents can take, and why information will be required of new customers who are creating an account.

The Customer Access Setting are broken down into three pages: General Settings ,which will be discussed here, Create Account Settings, and Existing Account Settings.

To Access the Customer Access Settings:

  • Select the DanceWorks main menu.
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Customer Access Settings.
  • You should now be on the General Settings.



Your School’s Customer Access Link Options:

Here you will find all of the links needed for your parents to be able to login, activate, or create a new account.

  • General Login Screen – This will be used for parents to log in to their account. Think of it like online banking. You will want to attach this to your studio website so that they have a link that easily allows them to log into their parent account. The general login screen also has a link for your existing parents to activate their account, and a link for new customers to be able to create an account from scratch.
  • New Account Login – The new account login link is used for new or potential customers of the studio to create a new account by entering all of their contact, student, and billing information. While this link is contained on the general login screen some studios prefer to add it to their website as its own separate button.
  • Existing Account, First Time Login – This link would be used for your existing customer’s who have not activated their parent account. This link is also contained on the general login screen but some studios do prefer to add it to their website as its own separate button.
  • Link to Display Your School’s Class List – This link gives your customers or potential customers the opportunity to view the available class list without having to log in or create a parent account. Again, this is contained on the general login screen but this link gives you the ability to add it to your website in its own location.


New Account and Activate Account Link Text:

On the right side of the general parent login screen will be links the parents will use to either create a new account or to activate an existing account. This section gives you the ability to control the way those two links are worded. Simply click in the field and enter the text as you would like it to appear on the general login screen. Then the click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


Send Account Activation Emails:

The most efficient way of getting all your parents to activate their online parent account is to send them all an activation email. This tool allows you send the activation email to Active, Inactive, Prospect, or all accounts at the same time. They will each receive a link specific to them that they will then click to create and verify a password. Once they hit submit their account is then activated. All you have to do is choose the correct status and hit the Send Activation Emails button.*

If you would like to send password reset emails you may do that by checking the box before hitting the Send button.

*You may also send an Account Activation Email to an individual account from their Account Info page. This is useful when someone signs up after you’ve sent out the mass email.




Inactivate Accounts that Have Not Signed In:

If you would like to deactivate the accounts that have not signed into their parent account, this button allows you to do that. Some studios rely on the activation of the parent account for the policy agreement signature and this tool allows you to deactivate anyone who has not signed the agreement.


Class List Display:

The class list display allows you to control how the parents see the class list when registering for classes or viewing from the available classes link.

  • When a Class if Fully Enrolled – Use the drop down menu to choose between Do Not Display Full Classes, Display Full Classes but Do Not Allow Registration, or Display Full Classes and Allow Registration.
  • Class List Size Default  – Use the drop down menu to choose the number of rows of classes displayed on a page. Individual parents will be able to choose other options but this setting will be the default for all parents.
  • Class List Filter Default – This option allows you to choose the types of classes that are displayed for parents by default. You may choose to display classes by number or by sections of the alphabet. Individual parents will be able to choose other options but this setting will be the default for all parents.
  • Class List Sort Default – Use this option to choose the way the classes are sorted for your parents. Again, individual parents will be able to choose other options but this setting will be the default for all parents.


Class Conflicts – Checking this box will allow a parent to proceed with requesting a class even if it conflicts with another class they have already selected. They will be warned and given the option to proceed anyway. This can be useful when running summer camps that occur on the same time/days but on different weeks.




Studio Messages – These messages appear at the top of the parent home screen once they have logged into their account. The studio messages are great for reminders. However we do not recommend relying on studio messages for urgent issues such as weather closings, because they rely on the parent logging into their account to see them.


Text Displaying on Class Registration Page – These notes will appear at at the top of the class registration/selection screen. They can be useful for reminders or instructions that may be important to your parents when they are selecting their classes for the upcoming year.




Registration Confirmation Text – When a parent submits their class selection this will be the last thing they see. Just like when you make a purchase or pay a bill online you always get the last screen confirming what you’ve done. This text gives you the ability to let them know whats next, if/when they can expect to hear from them, and to send any last friendly reminders. Most importantly it lets them know that what they just did worked.



Contact Us Settings The “Contact Us” settings give you the ability to make your studio’s contact information and links to your studio’s social media platforms easily accessible through the customer’s parent account. Simply check the boxes for the contact info you wish to make available (this info is pulled from the school information screen in your settings) and enter the remaining portions of the links to your studio’s social media links (the path.) It will be displayed on the parent portal as:



Additionally,  you can change the main header of the page by typing over it in the Page Title field. There is also a contact us form that your parents can fill out and submit a message to you. The message will be sent to the studio email address. Leaving this section blank in your settings will remove it from the parent screen should you desire not to have it.









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