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Customer Access Settings – Existing Account Settings

We have been working on some updates to give studios more control over what existing accounts can and can not do within their parent account. The new changes also make things a bit easier when it comes to updating certain items such as their credit card information.

The existing account settings, under Customer Access Settings, give you the ability to control what information customers have access to and what they’re able to do with it. Ultimately, the parent portal gives your customers the ability to view and update contact and credit card information, view charges and make online payments, view current class enrollments and request future classes. However, Akada gives the studio the ability to limit or completely take away any of those features.


  • Green – Data fields in green mean that your customer has the ability to see and edit that piece of information.
  • Yellow – Indicates that your customer can see that piece of data but can not edit it. Account Name is a good example of a field you may not want your customer’s to be able to edit.
  • Red – Customer can not see that these fields exist.

In the example screen shot given above, the parent would be able to see but not edit their name. They can edit their address, phone, email, and source (how they heard about you). They would not be able to see the their billing frequency (payment plan). We do recommend not allowing parents to be able to edit their Account Name. M

To change Data Fields status: 

  • From the Akada home screen click on the main menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Customer Access Settings.
  • You are now on the general settings screen.
  • At the top of the screen click on Existing Account Settings.
  • Click either the view/cannot view or can edit/cannot edit buttons.

Credit Card Information:*

In the past, when a customer wanted to edit a portion of their credit card information it was necessary to re-enter all of the information. We have now broken this down into individual sections so that they can edit their billing address or recurring billing status without having to re-enter the card number.

  • In the screenshot above a credit card would not be required to select classes. To require a card simply click the button so that it reads “required to register.”
  • Setting the “Recurring billing On by default” would automatically set new cards saved to be part of your recurring billing. This would force the card holder to opt out of recurring billing when saving their card.**

*If you are not setup to process credit cards in Akada this section will not appear on the screen. If you feel like you are setup and do not see it double check the settings on your credit card setup screen.

**While some studios do prefer to use this selection we do not recommend it as some customer may miss the option and have their credit card charged without their knowledge.

Additional Options: These additional options above give you the ability to limit certain functions within the parent portal without completely taking them away. Want to let your parent see their current classes but not register online? Easy, just deselect the box for online registration.

Transactions and Online Payments:

Based on customer feedback we have added a few more options when it comes to online payments through the parent portal. As always, parents have the ability to choose specific charges to pay through the online system. However, if your studio would like payments to automatically go towards the oldest payments first you can now do that.

In the example above online payments would go to the oldest charges first and the parent would be able to pay less than their total balance. You may also force them to pay the entire balance due by clicking that button.

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