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Customer Access Settings – Create Account Settings

The Create Account Setting page, under Customer Access Settings, allows you to control what information will be required from potential customers who are creating an account through the parent portal. You will be able to choose for each data field whether it is required, optional, or hidden from customer view.






  • Green – Indicated data field is required. The parent will not be able to proceed to the registration screen until the data is entered.
  • Yellow – Indicates data field is optional. The Parent can fill this data in but does not have to.
  • Red – The parent will not see this field on their screen.


To Set Create Account Settings:

  • Choose the Main menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Customer Access Settings.
  • You should now be on the general setting page.
  • Click on Create Account Settings.
  • Use the links below each data field to change requirement.





Credit Card Information:*

  • Checking the box to “Allow customer to submit a credit card with registration” gives your customers the ability to enter their CC information when creating their account.
  • Checking the box to “Require a valid credit card with registration” would require any new customer to enter a credit card number before they are allowed to proceed to the class registration page.
  • Checking the “Default to allow recurring billing” would automatically set new cards entered to recurring billing forcing the new customer to change the select to not be on recurring billing.**

*If you are not setup to process credit cards in DanceWorks Online this section will not appear on the screen. If you feel like you are setup and do not see it double check the settings on your credit card setup screen.

**While some studios do prefer to use this selection we not recommend it as some customer may miss the option and have their credit card charged without their knowledge.







If you do not wish for new customers to be able to select their classes online uncheck this option.





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