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Costume Reports

The costume reports page will provide you the information you need to help manage, order, and distribute you costumes. This article will explain the uses of these reports.




To Find Costume Reports:

  • Click on the Performances tab at the top of the DanceWorks Online screen.
  • Select Manage Costumes.
  • Select Reports from the row of screen options at the top.


Costume Vendor List – This report will provide you with a list of all costume vendors that have been saved in your database along with their contact information and size chart. The report separates the vendor information to one vendor per page.

Costume List – This report will provide you with a list of all costumes. The report is sorted by vendor name and them alphabetical by costume. The report includes all of the details entered on the costume screen such as name, color, size chart type, and price.

Classes Using Costumes– This report provides you a list of your assigned costumes and the classes that they will be used for. The report is sorted by vendor name and then alphabetical by costume.

Costumes Used By Classes – This report is the inverse of the Classes Using Costumes report. This report provides you a list of the classes and the costumes that are assigned to them. It is alphabetical by class type.

Classes Without Costumes – This is a simple way to run a list of all classes that do not have any costumes assigned to them.

Costume Confirmation– The confirmations allow you to send your parents all of the information they may need on their child’s costumes. The report is one account per page and it includes the account name and number, student’s name, costume information for all assign costumes. You have the option to include the costume size, price, and student measurements. You may print these for the entire school or by class. Confirmations may also be emailed to parents.

Measurement List – The measurement report will provide you a complete list of your students and their measurement. The list can be printed for the entire school (alphabetically) or can be sorted by class. Many studios will print out blank measurement lists by class and let the teachers take the student measurements and fill in the form. Then the data entry can easily be taken off of the form.

Unmeasured Students – This report simply provides you a list of all students whose measurements have not been entered into DanceWorks. It can be printed as a list of the entire school or by class.

Costume Worksheet – The costume worksheet is a very useful report. It will provide you a list of your costumes by class along with the student names, their measurements, their costumes, size, date ordered, where it has been paid for, and if it has been received. You can print this out in the beginning and add the dates when steps, such as ordering, happened or some studios even had the parents initial the form when they receive their costumes. When you select this report you will receive a list of your classes on the right. You can use the drop down at the bottom to order the list by class type, teacher, or by date/time. You may  select to print one class, multiple classes, or all classes.**

Costume Labels – This is a list of labels for assigned costumes. Most studio use these to help make distributing the costumes easier. The labels will include the student’s name, costume information, size, and class information. The labels can be printed by class, by costume or by vendor. This report is compatible with Avery 5160 2 or 3 across labels.

Purchase Order Worksheet – This report will provide you a breakdown off all assigned costumes for a chosen vendor. Each costume is then broken down by the size providing you the number of each size to be ordered. The P.O. Worksheet also includes students names, measurements, order dates, and paid/received fields.

PO-Detailed – The Purchase Order can be used to actually place your order with your vendor. It includes vendor contact information, your vendor account number, with your contact and shipping address. Additionally, the report provides a break down of each costume with totals needed for each size and the cost of the costume. The report will provide you a merchandise total and a total after sales tax. The Purchase Order can be printed as a detailed version or a summary version. The detailed includes student name and the summary leaves their names out. We recommend using the summary if you are going to place an order using the report. To place your order you can print and fax the report or save it as a .PDF and email it to your vendor contact.

Once you have placed your order with your vendor click the Marked Ordered link next to the vendor name and these costumes will be marked as ordered to prevent you from duplicating a costume order.


*Click on the report name above to view a sample of that report.

**To select specific classes click to highlight the first class. Hold your Ctrl key down (the command key for mac users) and click to select any other classes. You can also use the shift key and click on the first and last class in group and all classes in between will be selected.



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