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Credit Card History

The Credit Card History screen in DanceWorks allows you to view any credit card transaction that took place in your database. Using the tools at the top of the screen you can expand or narrow your search based on date ranges and transaction statuses. The Evo Snap payment gateway does not require any closing or settling at the end of the night.





To View your Credit Card History:

  • Click on the Charges & Payment tab at the top of the DanceWorks screen.
  • Click on Credit Card History on the right.
  • You should now your credit card transactions for the date ranges shown.
  • Use the Start and End Dates to expand or narrow the range of transactions.
  • You may also use the Merchant ID and Transaction Status drop downs to apply additional filters.


View By: This drop down menu allows you to choose between viewing credit card payments based on a date range or based on an individual batch number.

Merchant ID: The option allows you to narrow your search to payments made when the card was present, card was not present, or both.

Transaction Status: Use this option to narrow your results based on the status of the transaction.

  • Captured – Payment has been finalized.
  • Authorized – Payment is pending and has not been finalized.*
  • Deleted – Payment was voided from customer’s account but not refunded.
  • Declined – This option will show you any credit card that was attempted but declined and the reason for the decline.
  • Saved Credit Card – This option will show you any credit card that was saved during the date range entered.


*If a payment or group of payments is in an authorized status then the payment is pending and will disappear from your customer’s bank account after the hold period has expired. You will not collect this money until the payment has been finalized. To finalize the payment click the link listed to the right of the payment. If it is a group of payments you can finalize the entire group of payments from the “post credit card payments” screen. The link will be located in the posting history.




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