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Class Information – Attendance

This section is where you will enter your student’s attendance as well as view past entries. 


Entering Class Attendance:


  • From the class information page, scroll to the bottom and click View to expand the attendance section (you can also click the enter attendance button at the top).
  • Use the left/right arrows on the left side of the section to scroll to the correct class meeting date.
  • Use the drop-down menu to set the Initial Status.
  • Click the Record attendance button.
  • The enrolled student’s names will appear with an attendance status drop-down (along with temperature and notes fields if enabled*).



  • Use the drop-down menu to make changes to the student’s attendance status.
  • Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click Save All at the bottom of the section.


Temperature and Notes defaults may be disabled/enabled from the Class Defaults page in your settings.


Attendance History:

Here you can view, edit, or remove previous attendance. You may display previous entries in either a list format or a grid format. Additionally, you may filter the dates of previous entries you’d like to see. To change the view or filter the dates shown, click on the arrow next to the Attendance History label. Make your selection and click Set Filter.

List View

Grid View



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