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Recitals – Reports

The recitals reports screen in DanceWorks Online is where you will find a complete list of report options involving your recitals. Here you have the ability print, export to excel or word, and even email certain reports. Reports may apply to a specific recital or to all recitals. Read below for a complete description of … Continued

Recitals – Current Recitals

The current recitals page in DanceWorks Online gives you the ability to view, manage and add recitals to your session.   Managing Recitals: View – This option allows you to load additional information about a recital. It is on those pages that you will set your recital schedule, edit songs, run costume change tests, and … Continued

Recital Participation

The recital participation analysis gives you the ability to compare multiple recitals to see exactly who is participating in each recital. This can be helpful when trying to get the members of a family into one recital. Being able to do this can help prevent parents having to attend the same recital multiple times to … Continued

Recitals – Rehearsal and Picture Dates

The rehearsal and picture dates screen provides you a single point of data entry for these dates and times for each class scheduled for a recital. Once entered, the date may be included on schedules and confirmations that are provided to the parents.   To Enter Dates: From the Current Recitals screen click View to … Continued

Recitals – Scheduling a Recital

Once you have added a recital to your current recitals list you are ready to start adding classes and songs to the schedule. To Schedule a Recital: From the Current Recitals page click View next to the recital that you want to schedule. You will be directed to the recital schedule page where you will … Continued

Recitals – Adding a Recital

There are two basic ways of adding a recital to your DanceWorks Online database; adding a blank recital or copying an existing one. This article will cover both methods.       Adding a New Recital:  From the current recitals page (pictured above) click the Add Recital button on the right. Enter the recital name. … Continued