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Adding a Costume Vendor

The costume vendor page is used to add new costume vendors to your database or manage the contact information of your current vendors.       Create a new costume vendor: From the Home screen click on the Performances tab the top of DanceWorks Online. Click on Manage Costumes. You should now be on the … Continued

Adding or Editing Costumes

Now that you have added your vendor or vendors to DanceWorks Online you are then ready to add costumes.   To Add a costume: Click on the Performances Tab in DanceWorks Online. Select Manage Costumes. Select Add/Edit Costumes. Click on the name of the vendor for the costume you would like to add. Scroll down and … Continued

Entering Student Measurements

The Enter Student Measurements screen allows you to enter each student in a class’s measurements. Measurements may also be added from the class information page or an individual student’s measurements can be entered from their information page.   To enter Student Measurements: Click on the Performances Tab at the top of DanceWorks Online. Select Manage Costumes. Select … Continued

Assigning Costumes

DanceWorks Online will allow you to automatically assign costumes to a class or to specific students in a class. When costumes are assigned, the program will automatically select the student’s costume size based on their girth measurement and the vendor’s size chart that was entered when adding the vendor information.   To assign costumes: Click the … Continued

Editing Costume Sizes

The Edit Sizes screen in DanceWorks allows you to manually override the size that was selected by the program. You will have students who are in between sizes due to having longer arms, shorter legs, etc… In these cases you should choose the best size based on their other measurements and use the edit size screen to … Continued

Setting Up and Managing Costumes

Akada’s costume management function will allow you to manage all aspects of the costume ordering process. From managing vendors and posting costume charges to creating a purchase order to send to your vendor, Akada can do it all. Taking a few extra minutes to understand the steps and setup your vendors and costumes correctly can save … Continued

Posting Costume Charges

Once you have assigned costumes and have reviewed the sizes then you are ready to Post Costume Charges. This function adds the costume charges to your customer’s accounts at the same time from one place. This screen gives you the option of posting your charges by the costume, by the vendor, or by the class.   … Continued

Costume Reports

The costume reports page will provide you the information you need to help manage, order, and distribute you costumes. This article will explain the uses of these reports.     To Find Costume Reports: Click on the Performances tab at the top of the DanceWorks Online screen. Select Manage Costumes. Select Reports from the row … Continued