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Parent Portal FAQ

HOW DO I ACCESS THE PARENT PORTAL?   Your studio may send you the Account Activation email which will include the link to the Parent Portal.  Or your studio may include the link to the Parent Portal on their website. Once you’re on the Parent Portal website, you can bookmark/save the page for future use. HOW … Continued

Staff Info – Profile

The staff profile can be made available for parents to view through their parent account. This information includes a staff member picture, biography, position, classes taught, and contact information.                                                   To … Continued

Five Ways to Motivate Your Students this Dance Year

Recently, I was speaking to a dance instructor, and she expressed her concerns about sparking and maintaining motivation with her dance students, especially the pre-teen and teenage groups.   Does this sound familiar with your students? Here are five tried and true tips to help your students get motivated for the upcoming the dance year. … Continued

Planning for Next Year

With Akada Online you can plan and create your upcoming year or session in about 10 minutes using the following steps: Add a New Session Make Students Inactive Switch to Newly Created Session    

Website Integration

As part of our new parent portal layout we are providing you the tools to fully integrate the sign-up/login function into your website. Instead of clicking on a button that redirected the parent to the old Akada parent login screen your customer will be able to log in or create a new account right from … Continued

Adding a New Account and Student

Okay, you have your settings and your defaults all set and now your ready to create an account and student. Fantastic! Let’s get to it: From the Home screen in Akada click on the Accounts Tab. On the right side of the screen click + Account.   On the Add a New Account Screen fill … Continued

Texting by Class

Akada Online gives you the ability to send text messages to your customers. Text messaging a great way to get out important, timely information such as closures do to weather or if you need to cancel class if a teacher gets sick. You have the ability to text all accounts, students, your staff, or by … Continued

Text Messaging

Akada now gives you the ability to send text messages to your customers. This can be handy way to get important announcements out quickly and in a manner that most people will read instantly. Things like class cancellations or weather related studio closings can be sent out with just a few clicks. The instructions below … Continued

Deleting All Transactions

The Clear School Data screen in DanceWorks Online allows you delete pieces of data, including transactions, from your entire database with one function versus having to go account by account or class by class. Unlike the desktop version of DanceWorks, transactions in DanceWorks Online are not tied to specific sessions. Deleting any transaction permanently removes it from … Continued