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Raising Revenue for Dance Studios

Thankfully, the Covid vaccine is becoming more widely available to the public, and the return to full, in-person dance classes is on the horizon. However, many dance studios are still feeling the financial strain of the pandemic. Some studios are back to in-person classes but find themselves with lower enrollment. Loss of revenue has caused … Continued

Your Studio + Akada = WINNING

Maybe 2020 hasn’t been the best year ever, but we did learn how to adapt whether we wanted to or not. It is OK to feel cautious looking toward 2021, but hopefully, there is some optimism too. As dance studio owners look ahead to the new year, one thing is for sure: Akada Software is … Continued

Revamping Your Dance Studio During Covid

The flurry of “goodbye for now” messages from dance studio owners are not a surprise in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken its toll not only on health but on business health. Many owners have struggled to hold on, trying desperately to think outside of the box to keep their studios open and their students … Continued

Keeping Dancers Motivated During a Pandemic

Deserted dance studios are definitely a sad sight, normally buzzing with excitement, movement, and the happy chatter of students. Now dancers perform for their computer screen instead of their classmates and teachers. Staying motivated takes a little more effort for now, but maybe these tips can help students and teachers stay connected and motivated. Make … Continued

Akada Express App for iPhone and Android

Akada is excited to release our first studio-facing mobile app, Akada Express.  Akada Express will save your dance studio both time and money. No attendance sheets or purchasing expensive tablets — your teachers will be able to download the app right to their phones and enter attendance in the classroom. Akada Express will initially be … Continued

Uploading File to Akada

Akada gives you the ability to upload files to our server and, instead of attaching the files, email the file as a link. This option ensures that the email is sent promptly and eliminates the need to limit file sizes. Files will be saved on our server for 90 days and are re-usable.   Uploading … Continued

Virtual Class & Class Materials

The Virtual Class feature allows gives you the ability to add either a link or class id and password to the online teaching service of your choice to each individual class. This allows parents to access the virtual class from their parent account. Additionally, you are able to email the virtual class info from the … Continued

2020: What you can expect from Akada

2019 was a great year at Akada. We celebrated our 25th anniversary, engaged with more customers than ever, and doubled our scholarship program.  2020 is already off to a great start, and we are looking to build off of last year’s momentum. Keep reading to learn more about what we have planned for the year. … Continued

Class Info – Charge/Credit Class

From the class info screen you can enter charges or credit for all of the active students enrolled in the class. Something special going on in the class and you need to charge everyone? Miss a day and you need to issue a credit? We’ve got you covered. To Charge a Class: Scroll to the … Continued

Customer Access Settings – Existing Account Settings

We have been working on some updates to give studios more control over what existing accounts can and can not do within their parent account. The new changes also make things a bit easier when it comes to updating certain items such as their credit card information. The existing account settings, under Customer Access Settings, … Continued