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Customer Access Settings – Existing Account Settings

We have been working on some updates to give studios more control over what existing accounts can and can not do within their parent account. The new changes also make things a bit easier when it comes to updating certain items such as their credit card information. The existing account settings, under Customer Access Settings, … Continued

Parent Portal FAQ

HOW DO I ACCESS THE PARENT PORTAL?   Your studio may send you the Account Activation email which will include the link to the Parent Portal.  Or your studio may include the link to the Parent Portal on their website. Once you’re on the Parent Portal website, you can bookmark/save the page for future use. HOW … Continued

Staff Info – Profile

The staff profile can be made available for parents to view through their parent account. This information includes a staff member picture, biography, position, classes taught, and contact information.                                                   To … Continued

Website Integration

As part of our new parent portal layout we are providing you the tools to fully integrate the sign-up/login function into your website. Instead of clicking on a button that redirected the parent to the old Akada parent login screen your customer will be able to log in or create a new account right from … Continued

Enabling New Parent Portal Layout and Setting Themes

The newer version of the Akada parent portal has a cleaner, more straight forward design and is completely mobile friendly. This means that program can detect what type of device your customer is using and automatically format to fit that customer’s screen. Follow the instructions below to enable the new parent portal layout. *Note: Once … Continued

Parent Home Screen (For Parents)

Now that you have activated your parent account you are able to perform a number of functions on your own. The following article will summarize the different options you can perform. To learn more about a specific function click on the heading below and the instructions will open in a new tab.   Make a Payment … Continued

Parent Home Page (For Studios)

Now that the parent has activated their account they are able to perform a number of functions on their own to help cut down on the number of calls to your studio or time spent in your lobby. We’ll summarize the different options available to the parent below. To learn more about a specific function … Continued

Parent Portal – Policies

The policies tab in the parent portal gives you customer the ability to read or print your studio’s current policies as well as view previously signed policies.