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How do I get my existing information into Akada?

If you have been using the desktop version of DanceWorks and are switching to Akada we can upload one of the sessions from the desktop program for you. This prevents you from having to do all of the data entry again and allows to keep all of your financial history intact. If you’ve been another … Continued

How do I set-up my email?

Setting up your email in Akada Online is easy!! You can utilize our transactional email service or you can use your existing email provider’s SMTP settings.  If you are going to use your existing email please gather the following: email provider’s SMTP server settings, outgoing port number, your email username, and password then you are … Continued

What is my Transactions Password?

The edit/delete transaction password serves as a manager’s override so that employees must have and admin enter a password before they’re able to delete or edit a charge or payment.   To View, Change, or Disable the Transaction Password: Go to the Main Menu (3 lines in top left corner). Select Admin. Select Settings. Select … Continued

How do I add a new session/year to my Danceworks database?

The session management screens are where you will be able manage anything having to do with your sessions. This includes adding a session to your database. From the main menu select Admin, then click Session Management, and finally Add Session. From this screen  you will enter the session name, choose the information you want to … Continued

How Can I Delete All Transactions?

The Clear School Data screen in DanceWorks Online allows you delete pieces of data, including transactions, from your entire database with one function versus having to go account by account or class by class. Unlike the desktop version of DanceWorks, transactions in DanceWorks Online are not tied to specific sessions. Deleting any transaction permanently removes it from … Continued

Entering Refunds

There are any number of reasons that you you may need to issue a refund to a customer and several possible outcomes that you may be seeking from said refund. Your goal for your client will dictate the steps that need to be taken to do the refund properly for account balance and book keeping … Continued