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Credit Card Setup – EVO Snap

Once you have established an account with Evo Payment Solutions you will need to do some setup in DanceWorks Online. This setup will require entering a merchant ID number that should have been provided to you by Evo.         To Setup Processing in DanceWorks: From the DanceWorks main menu select Admin. Select Settings. … Continued

Saving a Credit Card to an Account

Once you have setup an account with Powerpay you will have the ability to save a credit card to your customer’s accounts. The saved cards can be used for recurring billing or to make it easier if a customer likes to call each month and pay over the phone.     To Save a Credit … Continued

Posting Recurring Credit Card Payments

Akada gives you the ability to easily run credit card payments for your customers who have chosen recurring billing at one time. The tool allows you to post credit payments to cover multiple types of charges that fall between into a specified date range. The payment will automatically be entered onto the customer’s account and applied … Continued

Entering Charges & Payments for a Single Account

There are a couple of different methods that may be used to enter a charge, payment, or a combination of both for an individual account. This article will give you step by step instructions on each method.     Entering a Charge: Use the search function or the account list to select the needed account. … Continued

Credit Card History

The Credit Card History screen in DanceWorks allows you to view any credit card transaction that took place in your database. Using the tools at the top of the screen you can expand or narrow your search based on date ranges and transaction statuses. The Evo Snap payment gateway does not require any closing or settling … Continued