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Can my customers pay a different amount than the charge online?

Yes, your parents can pay less than than the amount of the charge but they can not pay more.

To Pay Less than the Charge Amount:

  • In the Parent Portal go to the Make Payment Screen.
  • Select the charge or charges to be paid by checking the box to the right.
  • Click in the Payment Amount Field and enter the amount that you’d like to pay.
  • Enter the Credit Card information if not already saved.
  • Click Pay Charge.

Click here for complete instructions.


4 responses to “Can my customers pay a different amount than the charge online?

  1. We have several of our parents who like to pay more and build up a credit. Why is this not an option? We could in the desktop version. This may be a deal breaker.

    1. Using the parent portal parents can pay less than the total of a charge but now more. If they want to pay ahead they’ll need to contact the studio. The reason it is so that the studio has an idea of why the parent is paying ahead and what that money may be for.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Give us a call at the office today and we’ll gladly walk you through the tuition setup. Our number is 800.286.3471 and we are open until 7 Eastern.

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