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Boosting Summer Enrollment For Your Dance Studio: 5 Tips

Posted Tuesday, July 12th, 2022 by Akada

Running a successful dance studio can be rewarding, but it’s not easy. Summer enrollment is always one of the most challenging times to draw in new students, and parents can be challenging to convince in the summer months. Here are five tips to help you get through the summer successfully and boost enrollment for next fall!


1) Reach Out To Parents Early

It’s important to start marketing your summer dance camp early – send out emails as soon as you have the camp dates finalized. This will give parents plenty of time to plan and budget for the camp. You can also offer early bird pricing to incentivize signing up early. 


2) Don’t Let The Competition Scare You

It can be easy to get discouraged when you see other dance studios with higher summer enrollment numbers than yours. But don’t let the competition scare you! Instead, use it as motivation to step up your game and attract more students to your studio.


3) Get Creative With Marketing

Traditional advertising, like flyers and posters are great, but to get people in the door, you need to get creative. Think about what kind of marketing would appeal to your target demographic and get their attention. You could hold a free dance class, create a social media campaign, or partner with a local business for a cross-promotion.


4) Create A Fun, Rewarding Experience For Students

The first step to boosting summer enrollment for your dance studio is to create a fun, rewarding experience for students. This means offering enjoyable and challenging classes and opportunities for students to show off their skills. Offering incentives, such as discounts or free classes, can also help attract new students. 


5) Offer An Affordable Option

Many families are on a tight budget during the summer, so offer an affordable option for those who want to enroll their child in dance classes. You can do this by providing a lower-cost class or by giving a discount for multiple classes.

Benefits of Running Social Media Ads for Your Dance Studio

Posted Tuesday, July 12th, 2022 by Akada

If you’re running a dance studio, it can be highly beneficial to run Facebook ads. However, as with any form of marketing, not all methods work across all businesses and audiences—which is why we recommend getting professional help when running social media campaigns to ensure they have a positive ROI.


What kind of content to put in your Facebook ad campaign

Facebook has introduced many changes to its advertising platform in recent years. This can make ad creation intimidating, but it’s a relatively easy task as long as you know your target audience and put some effort into planning. Make sure that your visuals are not only appealing to your audience but also relevant to them. If you want to drive traffic to your dance studio website from Facebook, try targeting people who live within 20 miles of your studio and are interested in dance schools or dance studios. 


Best practices for driving traffic from Facebook advertisements

Facebook advertising offers an array of targeting options. Using these, you can focus your ads on specific demographics and age groups, which is an excellent way to start driving traffic to your dance studio. If you’re new to Facebook ads, try out some retargeting ads—these display adverts from websites you’ve visited in the past. The goal is to entice visitors who may already be familiar with your dance studio and get them to visit your website or sign up for a class.


How to track the success of your Facebook advertisement campaign

 An excellent way to track the success of your Facebook campaign is by using one landing page per campaign so that with every click, you get leads back to a dedicated page. You’ll see exactly how many people have clicked through from Facebook, what they looked at on your site, and how much time they spent there. This way, you can keep an eye on engagement and conversions—and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Social media ads, when utilized correctly, can help your dance studio in a significant way. By creating a worthwhile marketing strategy with these helpful tools, you will be preparing your dance studio for major success.

5 Ways to Set Your Dance Studio Up for Success

Posted Thursday, July 7th, 2022 by Akada

To succeed as a dance studio owner, you have to go above and beyond in everything you do. From the moment your customers step inside your studio to the time they leave, you have to ensure that their experience with your business leaves them wanting to return again and again.

 Here are five simple ways to improve your dance studio that anyone can follow, no matter their level of experience running a dance studio.


1) Take Time to Create an Amazing Atmosphere

When you walk into a dance studio, what’s your first impression? Is it relaxed and inviting? Do you get that it’s going to be a great day feeling? How is the lighting set up so dancers can see each other as they learn new steps and routines? Ask yourself these questions when designing or redesigning your dance space. Create an atmosphere that people want to be in.


2) Prepare Your Teachers

 A good leadership team will lead by example, but you need to instill a certain amount of discipline in your teachers to take their role seriously. If you do not have an established routine, consider starting small and taking it from there. For example, sign up some new teachers and assign one person who has been with you a while as their mentor. The first thing they should work on together is creating a schedule for when classes are held and what days/times they’ll be teaching. The more structure you give your teachers, the better they’ll be able to run your studio successfully.


3) Offer Fun Classes that Provide Amazing Benefits

Find a niche that resonates with your audience and develop a program around it. Learn more about your students’ wants and needs, and turn those into unique lessons that will keep them coming back for more. For example, if you’re teaching kids hip-hop dance, incorporate as much fun and imagination into their lessons. Creativity is essential with any form of dance, from ballroom to ballet!


4) Promote on Social Media

Developing a social media presence and posting relevant content will help you gain exposure, build your brand, and bring in new students. Start using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+! The more consistently you post quality content that gets engagement from your target audience online, the more referrals you’ll be getting offline.


5} Community Involvement

Engage with your local community and build a network of potential students to increase your studio’s reach. Whether you’re teaching young children or adults, organizing a dance showcase is a great way to increase awareness about your dance studio and attract new students. Keep an eye out for fundraisers, conferences, festivals, and other events that might bring like-min

Are you getting the business you deserve?

Posted Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 by Akada

Many businesses offer white-glove service, but there’s one thing about your company that sets it apart from all the rest- the way you treat your customers.

When you’re providing white-glove treatment to your clients, you should expect the same level of dedication from your vendors and suppliers. Through years of experience, Akada has worked to perfect this practice building great partnerships with dance studios nationwide.

From day one, Payscout has always put clients first – forging solid relationships with them based on trust and fairness. For this reason, Akada is proud to add Payscout as an additional credit card processing partner. With Payscout merchants are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will promptly answer inquiries and provide access to relevant information at all times. Relationships between the two sides aren’t limited by distance either. Both merchants and Payscout representatives can communicate through an open messaging line anytime they want – no holdups or busy signals necessary!

These days, time is the key ingredient to a company’s success; if you can’t serve your customers quickly, they’ll go elsewhere. If your current payment processor isn’t delivering quality customer service, you need something else – and fast!

For more information about the Akada + Payscout partnership, and to receive a “Free Cost-Savings Analysis,” visit www.payscout.com/akada-payment-processing.

How to Market Your Dance Studio In 2022

Posted Friday, February 4th, 2022 by Akada

How do you get more students in your dance studio? A vital part of growing your business, this question comes up in most dance studio owners’ minds at some point. Whether you’re just starting and trying to attract that first batch of dancers or you’re looking to expand your business and reach a new crowd, here are some tips to help your marketing efforts thrive in the upcoming year.


Facebook and Instagram make it easier for small businesses like dance studios to reach their audiences. Using social media, you can create a marketing campaign that promotes your studio’s services and classes while building rapport with current and potential customers. While there are numerous social media platforms to choose from, Facebook and Instagram have proven most effective because they have an active user base that includes prospective dancers.


Whether you’re a fitness studio, yoga studio, dance studio, or another studio that offers physical classes, offering a free trial class is an excellent way to market your business. It allows potential students to try out your classes without any commitment—and if they come for one class and love it (as most do), then they’ll likely be back for more.



Setting up an easy-to-use, easy-to-find website (that’s also mobile-friendly) can be a huge factor in getting new clients for your dance studio. In your FAQ, include information on how students can sign up and what their first class will be like. Also, encourage parents to ask questions they might have through email or contact forms on your site. Let everyone know that you are easily accessible, so they don’t feel nervous about signing up for classes with you!


If you’re looking to improve business at your dance studio or create new opportunities within the market, then following these helpful tips will hopefully make it happen.

Happy New Year!

Posted Monday, January 10th, 2022 by Akada

Thank you for all your trust and partnership in 2021. We’ve made it our mission to ensure we offer the best tools and services to help make your studio a success. Our goal is to see you thrive – so we’re happy to see how far we’ve come together.

Celebrate Our Achievements

We hope your studio had a fantastic year with many achievements to celebrate. It’s important to remember that there is still progress even if not everything went according to plan. Every step towards reaching your goal matters – no matter how small it might seem. 

We’re here to support your studio through the trenches.

Keep Track

You learn pretty quickly when running a dance studio; there are always hurdles ahead. There are many lessons to be remembered for any error that you make. The best course of action is to note these past hardships and implement what you learned–your studio will be rewarded in the end.

Looking Forward: What to Expect

2022 is a brand new year where we are starting with a clean slate. 

Regardless of the number of students your studio has, you can count on Akada to do the heavy lifting, freeing up your time for things that matter. Trust your administrative needs to us to not only simplify your studio management but keep it running efficiently. 

We are here to support and manage your studio efficiently while celebrating and cheering you on to success.


Happy New Year!

Akada’s Best Features

Posted Friday, November 5th, 2021 by Akada

Finding the right software to power your dance studio shouldn’t take a tremendous amount of time, effort, or money. The features that Akada Software offers is based on our years of expertise with studio management, which means we do the hard work, and you focus on making sure your students are nailing those pirouettes. Here are some of the features that make Akada Software the best in the industry.

Billing and Online Payments

No more spreadsheets or reminding yourself to pay bills or collect tuition payments. Akada’s billing and online payment systems make it easy to keep credit card payments up to date.

Communication, Security, and Reports

Not only is all data kept private and secure, but you can also email or text with families. When you see attendance, finance, and enrollment reports that are easy to read, you can use that data to communicate with your customers and stay on top of studio business.

Performances and Registration

Scheduling is easy with Akada. Between the studio’s class sessions and customer registration, to scheduling performances and recitals, Akada makes it simple and saves time. Also, Akada Software has built-in costume management.

Time Tracking and Scheduling

Manage your staff, timekeeping, and payroll, and track classes to ensure no conflict for rooms, instructors, and students, all in one place.


Dance studio owners have enough on their plate, and shouldn’t have to wade through countless apps, software, and tools to manage a dance studio. Partner with Akada Software, and simplify your administrative studio management so you can focus on what makes you happy about being a dance studio owner.

Mental Health and Dance

Posted Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 by Akada

In the past year, professional athletes have made headlines by doing one thing: taking a step back.
Tennis star Naomi Osaka pulled out of matches; and more recently, gymnast Simone Biles withdrew
from Olympic events. Both athletes cited mental health reasons for their withdrawal, and both athletes
have received praise and scorn for their decisions.
What does this have to do with dance?
The rigors of participating in local dance classes may not be on the same level as Olympic participation,
but dance studio owners notice a decline in competitive participation from teens also citing mental
health reasons. Opinions vary on whether these students are making good decisions by withdrawing
from dance classes but keep a few things in mind.

Mental health is not just a trend
Students and adults alike have been under enormous stress in the past eighteen months. This is a time
to pay attention to mental health, not ignore it. Students need understanding, not judgment because
you may not know what’s going on at home.
Rethink your message
A win-at-all-cost mindset doesn’t motivate everyone. It’s a lot of pressure. Never forget that dance is a
form of expression and mindfulness. Physical activity is beneficial for mental health. Perhaps some new
options can include recreational dance that includes mindfulness.
Care about the whole student
Sure, another trophy would be great, but not if it destroys the mental health of students. Trust
students when they tell you they need to prioritize their mental health because it demonstrates amazing
strength to draw a line between doing what they love and understanding their boundaries. Meet
students with compassion if you want to keep them.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize that right now may not be appropriate for a win-at-all-cost message, and
young people are rejecting that mindset. Meet them where they are and be the resource that they need
so that one day they will look back and see that you helped them get through some pretty hard stuff.

YPAD Scholarship Opportunity

Posted Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 by Akada


As many of you know, YPAD originated as the heart song of Leslie Scott Zanovitch, its founder and long-time champion—and someone I now consider a forever friend. 🙂

Leslie created YPAD to uphold a high standard of health and safety in dance. It was an answer to the industry-wide question, “How can we serve dance students in the best, healthiest way possible?”

When More Than Just Great Dancing® acquired YPAD earlier this year, it was our goal to expand on Leslie’s mission, staying true to her legacy and opening up the YPAD education and certification to more studio owners and teachers. And now here we are!

Here is more information about the educational coursework at the core of the YPAD experience. YPAD currently has two different course offerings:

#1: The YPAD SAFETY Course (which leads to Course Completion) covers the following topics:

  • Best Practices for Dance Studios
  • Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Injury Prevention and Response
  • Risk Management in the Dance Environment

Each of these four points represents an area of learning that we believe every studio needs to maximize student safety. It is my belief that a YPAD safety education will benefit every level of the industry, from the studio itself and its teachers to our students and their parents. At YPAD, we have gone ALL-IN on encouraging the industry to self-regulate and teach within the bounds of what’s healthy and safe for kids.

#2: The YPAD SAFETY & WELLNESS Course (which leads to YPAD Certification) covers the following topics in addition to the safety education:

  • Social Media, Media Safety & Today’s Dance Culture
  • Developmentally Appropriate Artistry
  • Body Image, Nutrition & Disordered Eating
  • Bullying & Conflict Resolution

What’s EXTRA cool about the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes is that YPAD’s educational courses are also all DIGITAL! Backed by evidence-based research, every lesson includes text and video components to optimize learning. Of course, there are a few things that can’t be done 100% digitally (like CPR training) but it’s pretty cool for each participant to be able to learn online at their own pace.

Ultimately I believe that we can serve the dance industry with the YPAD mission and leave it stronger than ever for the next generation. I hope that through YPAD, more individuals will feel empowered with the tools and resources to serve their dance students with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I am a champion for studio owners and teachers. I also want my legacy to be that of being champion for needed change in the dance world—making it safer and healthier for kids to be involved in this art we love so much.

Will YOU be a champion of change with me?

I hope you’ll say YES and visit us at ypadnow.com 🙂

Love, Misty

For more inspiration, sign up for the Misty Minute. https://morethanjustgreatdancing.com/misty-minute-signup/


Click Here to Apply!

Navigating Through a New World as a Dance Studio

Posted Thursday, June 18th, 2020 by Akada

The events from the pandemic crisis to standing up for human rights have set dance studios on a course into unknown waters. Everything has changed in an instant, forcing studio owners and teachers to embrace a whole new way of teaching from a distance and through an array of emotions. When everything changes and confusion and panic seem to take over, how can dance studios navigate through this abnormal time and support their audience? Here are some tips to help.

Acknowledge the emotions

Face what you are feeling, what teachers are feeling, and what students are feeling. If you are scared, no doubt others are scared too. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Give space for others to be vulnerable as well and use it as a time to bond and comfort one another. For students, losing their face-to-face dance classes can feel mournful and unfair – let them know they are not alone.

Dance through the chaos

Historically, the arts and social justice have been interconnected. Dance can connect individuals with community and create a sanctuary. As you listen to your teachers and students, encourage them to use their movement to heal. Share stories about how dance helps heal and listen to their stories, whether it’s racial inequality, pandemic fears, or something else entirely.

Create a safe space with open conversation

Now would be a great time for dance studio owners and staff to be educated on social injustice issues. Ensuring that your team has an open conversation about what is going on in the world helps create an environment of safety and belonging when studio doors open again. Set the goal of having a safe space in the studio.

Dance is a powerful way to connect people and express emotion. This time of uncertainty might be the catalyst needed to create a powerful space to be more open and more connected as humans. Do not underestimate the power dance has to connect us all.