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Enhance the social media presence of your dance studio

Because of the billions of people who use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks, it’s foolish and costly for your dance studio to ignore social media presence. Social media is an excellent way for a dance studio to build trust with customers and potential customers alike.  If you want your studio to … Continued

Five Ways to Beat Dance Competition Jitters

Preparing for your first dance competition can give you a severe case of “performance jitters,” Naturally, you want to do your best without any mistakes or major blunders. But, in the back of your mind, all you can think about is “what if you mess up my routine?” or “what if something goes wrong with … Continued

Streamline Your Dance Studio in 2018

Creating efficiency within your dance studio can dramatically increase your organization, productivity, and bottom line. Here are four areas that you can implement to assist you in streamlining your business to align with your goals for 2018.   Save a Tree and Reduce Paper One of the most efficient ways to streamline your business is … Continued

Three Ways Studio Management Software can Improve Your Business

Operating a dance studio definitely offers the freedom to run your business as you see fit. On the flip side, you realize the inner workings of the business takes a lot of late nights and early mornings. From communicating with parents, employees and vendors to handling payroll and tax bills, the responsibilities are without limits. … Continued

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Studio Billing Software

Ask any dancer why they started a studio and they would probably say because they have a passion for dance, helping others and the possibilities for success is endless.  Ask a dance owner what takes up most of their time, and they will probably say their billing process. So how can dance owners continue to … Continued

5 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Studio’s Administration Process

There’s no denying the obvious – the more your business grows, the more organization processes need to be in place. front office at a dance studio is a busy place. Whether the day-to-day tasks are handled by you or by another staff member, there will always be something that needs your input or action. Here … Continued

4 ways to Boost Summer Enrollment for your Dance Studio

Congratulations! You followed your passion and now own and operate a successful year-round dance studio for children. Like many instructors, you find yourself with low student enrollment during the summer months. Many students rather spend time traveling with their families, attending overnight camps or simply seek an alternative program during this time. These types of … Continued

Grow Your Dance Studio Using Social Media

The stereo is thumping throughout the studio and your classes are full but in this day in age, that’s not enough. Even a fully functional and well-established dance studio has to utilize marketing techniques to enhance their business. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three social media platforms that you need to have in your wheelhouse. … Continued