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Assigning Costumes

Akada Online will allow you to automatically assign costumes to a class or to specific students in a class. When costumes are assigned, the program will automatically select the student’s costume size based on their girth measurement and the vendor’s size chart that was entered when adding the vendor information.


To assign costumes:

  • Click the Performances tab at the top of Akada Online.
  • Select Manage Costumes.
  • Select Assign Costumes from the row of page options.
  • Click the Assign Costumes link to the right of the desired class.



  • You should now see the class information along with a list of available costumes.
  • To assign the costume to the entire class click the link to the right of the appropriate costume.
  • You will receive an indicator telling you the costume has been assigned.
  • Assign any other needed costumes to the class or if you are finished the Return to Costumes button.




  • To assign costumes to individual members of a class click the Assign to Students link (pictured above).
  • A window will appear listing the students enrolled in the class.
  • Select the desired names*.
  • Click the Assign to Selected Students button.
  • The window will close and you will see the Assigned Successfully indicator.
  • If you are finished with this class click Return to Costumes.


*To select multiple students click on the first student’s name. It will be highlighted in blue and then hold your Ctrl key down and select any other names. Using the Shift key will allow you to select the first and last student in a group and it will automatically select every student listed between them. Mac users will follow the same procedure but will use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.


Viewing previously assigned costumes:

  • Click the performances tab at the top of Akada Online.
  • Select Manage Costumes.
  • Select Assign Costumes from the row of page options.
  • Click the View Costumes link (figure 1) to the right of the desired class.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • You will see the class name and costumes that have been assigned to the class.
  • Clicking Remove will remove that costume assignment from the class or individual members of the class.


Updating sizes:

If you make changes to a costume (price or color, for example) you will want to use the Update Sizes tool to make those changes take effect for the costume if it has already been assigned. You may do this from the Assign Costume or Edit Sizes page.



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