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Build 479 – Published July 15, 2020
  • We have added a temperature field for staff members to the class attendance entry function. 
  • Updated Attendance sheets to allow entering student temperature.
  • Optimized attendance sheets to use less vertical space and save paper.


Build 477- Published May 18th, 2020
  • Added a temperature field on the attendance entry interface.
  • Updated attendance entry screen on both class and student attendance.
  • Attendance history may now be viewed as a list or grid.
  • Updated attendance defaults found on the class defaults screen in settings.
  • Added the ability to filter texting history by date.


Build 476 – Published May 13th, 2020 
  • minor corrections.
Build 475 – Published April 29th, 2020

Virtual Classes

  • We’ve added the option of using Zoom Meeting ID and Password instead of a link to launch meetings directly into the browser.
  • Email notifications will now direct your customers directly to the virtual class screen after login rather than them having to navigate from the home screen.

Class Screen

  • You may now email or send text messages directly from the class screen. Previously, only the email option was available.
  • Updated class screen user interface.

Akada Express

  • Updated attendance app to allow the user to remain logged in.

Account Info Screen

  • You are now able to view class enrollment and tuition info from different sessions using the drop-down menu located at the top of the account info screen.


  • Parents may now opt-out of text messaging through their parent account.




Virtual Class Link – This function allows you to easily link your online class offering to the parent portal eliminating the need to email parents the link.

Uploading Files – Replacing the standard email attachment, you may now upload video files to our server and email them to your customers in the form of a link.


Build 467 – Posted January 28th, 2020 by Brett

Email Password – First, in your email setup, we have masked email passwords so that they are no longer visible.

User Specific Emails – The added security from the above now allows all users to save their email passwords. Now, if you choose to send an email from your user email address, you will no longer be prompted to put in a password. You can save it one time from the email setup screen.

Email Screen Changes –  Throughout the year, we’ll be making changes to some pages to align things in the current layout with how they will work in the new user interface that we are working on. This update is the first step towards that goal. Click here for complete instructions. 

Recurring Billing Notifications – Declined payment emails will now be sent before receipts when posting recurring payments.

Student List Report – We have now added the option to include the student number with your student list reports.


Build 455 – Posted February 6th, 2019 by Brett

Texting for Canadian Customers – We’ve worked with our text messaging provider, and the service is finally available for Canadian customers.

Customer Access Settings – In this update, we’ve given the studio more control over online payments and made it easier for parents to update their credit card information.

Receipt Defaults – You asked, and we listened. We have had a lot of feedback that there is too much clicking required to print or email a customer a receipt. So we’ve given you some defaults that you can set to limit the clicking. Additionally, we’ve added some merge tags to the receipt email to allow you to personalize things a bit more for your customers. We’ll be adding these tags to the other email functions in the future.

Credit and Charge History from Class Info Screen – We’ve made some changes with posting charges and credits from the class information screen. Mostly, we have just relocated the function to collapsible sections at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, we have added a transaction history so that you can see all of the charges and credits posted from that screen. And, if you need to, delete a posting.