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2018 Scholarship Recipients

Posted Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by Akada

This year we were so excited to introduce the Akada Scholarship Program. We invited anyone to apply for the opportunity to receive five $1000 scholarships to benefit a student or program within their dance studio. The response we received was overwhelming. There were so many heartwarming stories which made it difficult to choose only five. But, we feel like our five recipients were more than deserving. You can read those stories below. We look forward to continuing to grow this program in the years to come and helping more kids benefit from their dance educations.


  • We have two sweet sisters that have grown up in our studio. They lost their loving mother two years ago to cancer and their dad is doing their best to keep their dreams alive. The oldest daughter just became an assistant for our studio last fall and she loved it. Unfortunately, her scoliosis became so bad she just had back surgery twice, and is dealing with no feeling in one foot. I say all of this as our recital costumes are now due. I would love to offer the money to this family for their younger daughter to continue dance, purchase costumes and not burden the family with finances. Both girls were on our competition team but were not able to compete this year. Both girls were also on our Antelope Valley Ballet company. I’m sure this would be a gift from heaven. Thank you! – Nancy Scott, Dancin’ in Acton. Acton, CA


  • This scholarship would be used for a young talented male dancer of ours who started dancing at a later age. He will be a Senior in High school and he commutes 50 minutes to and from the studio daily. He is a talented, hard working and disciplined dancer. Currently he is on a tuition waiver but needs help funding his convention and competition fees and minimal costume expenses. These hard costs are things that he has to cover and trying to dance, the long commute, and school work make it hard for him to get a job. This scholarship would be well-used, very appreciated, and an amazing gift to a young, talented dancer. We believe he deserves opportunities to participate with his teammates his Senior Year and this would make it possible! – Kandee Allen, Dance Impressions. Farmington, UT


  • Thank you for this opportunity! We have a tuition free Special Needs class that meets weekly and performs in our annual recital with about 20 dancers in the class. I would love to be able to use these funds to purchase their recital costumes for next season so they don’t have to purchase them. These dancers are so inspiring to all of us with their contagious joy and determination! If there are funds left from that, a group of dancers from our studio are going on a mission trip to El Salvador in June 2019 and will be working with Amazing Love Missions to bring dance workshops to under-privileged children. Our students will also perform for schools, churches, and orphanages throughout the country in our week long trip there. We would be able to put some funds toward their trip as these students learn to use their gifts and talents to bless others and make a difference! Tina Cook, Turning Pointe Dance. Colorado Springs, CO


  • Thank you so much for this possible opportunity! At our studio we have a program that is funded strictly through donations. Darby’s Dancers, a non-profit education program for dancers with special needs. This program allows families to have their children take dance classes at no cost. At our studio, everyone volunteers their time to make this program possible; the director, the studio and the mentors (we call them buddy’s). Even with time donated it cost around $350 for one dancer to go through the program each year as we pay for their dance outfit, shoes, dance bag, recital costume, recital participation, parties and a year end special event. This year, through generous donations from businesses, we were able grant this opportunity to 10 families/special needs dancers in our community. Because this program was so successful we have a waiting list of dancers who want to participate but can only open the door to as many dancers as we have fund for. A scholarship of $1000 would allow us to sponsor three more dancers into this program.Thank you! Brooke Maxwell, Utah Dance Artists. South Jordan, UT


  • I have an eight-year-old who has studied with me for five years. She is a sweet, introverted child who has the soul of the artist and needs dance as an outlet and for physical activity. Why? Well, she is a little overweight and constantly bullied by her peers in school. Her dance friends surround her with love and care. She has a severely disabled two-year-old brother. His needs and care cost have mounted to the point where the parents have spoken with me to let me know that they simply cannot afford dance for her next season. I have sought funding, sponsorships, and scholarships locally to no avail. Seeing this scholarship in my inbox raised my hopes for this sweet child. For five years, dance has made life bearable for her. With your assistance, she can continue to seek refuge at our studio and grow as a dancer in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. Rhonda Foote, Rhonda’s Footeworks. Watertown, NY