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Akada Online Search Functions


Akada Online Search Function:

The search function in AKada Online is a quick and handy way of finding an account or student from any screen in AKad account numbers, etc…

When using the search function the program scans the entire account and student pages. So, if you were to search for the last name Elm and another customer lived on Elm Street their name would also appear in the results. If you get multiple search results but do not see the one you are looking for be sure to click “See All.”

Finally, using the search function allows you to jump to specific pages on an account. In the picture above you see the result for Johnson. Let’s say that Ms. Johnson has called to make a payment. You can quickly jump to that screen by clicking Enter Payment under her name.


Basic Browser Search Functions:

Every web browser has a basic search function built into it. For most browsers, it is the Ctrl+F key combo (command+f for Macs). These basic browser search functions can be very handy. They will allow you to search the content of the page that you are currently on and highlight any matches on that page. This function is particularly useful when you’re on account or student list pages or in your inventory list.



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