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Akada Express App for iPhone and Android

Akada is excited to release our first studio-facing mobile app, Akada Express.  Akada Express will save your dance studio both time and money. No attendance sheets or purchasing expensive tablets — your teachers will be able to download the app right to their phones and enter attendance in the classroom.

Akada Express will initially be limited to taking attendance, but we will continue to add more features as we learn what functions studios need.  


Download Akada Express: 

For Apple Users:  Click here or search for Akada Express in the app store.

For Android Users: Click here search for Akada Express in the Google Play store. 


Logging In:

  • First, you must grant the user access to Akada Express.
    • Log in to Akada and go to Settings.
    • Choose Users.
    • Click Edit next to the User.
    • Click “Has Access” next to the Akada Express label.
  • Download Akada Express.
  • Log in with the User’s full email address and Akada Password.

Note: To enter attendance through Akada express the user needs to have, at minimum, access to the app and the class list and enter attendance box checked in their user settings.


Entering Attendance:

  • Log into Akada Express.
  • Click on Record Attendance.
  • Choose the Class Date and correct session.
  • Click on the Class.
  • You should now see the enrolled students, and under each, it will say “no attendance recorded.”
  • Click the student’s name and click Record Attendance (you may select as many as you want at one time).
  • From the list of statuses, click on the correct status for the chosen student(s).
  • iPhone users can swipe left on a student’s name will allow you to enter notes, the student’s temperature, or view additional info.
    • Android users can press and hold down on the student’s name and then click more info to enter notes, the student’s temperature, or view additional info.
  • Click Save after entering any notes or student temperatures.


If you do not see the notes or temperature options, check the class-default settings in the Akada web application and make sure they are set to “show.”




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