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Session Management – Adding a New Session

When preparing for a new dance year you can add a session to your Akada Online database giving you the ability to differentiate between a current year’s classes and the upcoming year’. This allows you to start taking enrollment while the current year is still in progress.

How to Create A New Session:

  • Click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner of Akada Online.
  • Select the arrow beside Session Management.
  • Select Add Session
  • Enter the new session name.
  • Use the Session Type menu to either create a new session or copy an existing session.
    If copying an existing session, choose the session to be copied and the data you wish to copy.
  • Enter a Session Begins Date.
  • Enter the Beginning and End Registration Date.
  • Use the Session Tuition Tables menu to choose to create a new table or copy an existing one. If copying an existing tuition table, choose the correct session to copy from.
  • Display options are new to Akada. The display will allow you to show this specific session. If you are working on the session, this option along with Registration Start/End dates fully controls if the parents can view these classes.

*If your studio is offering Virtual classes, you can now decide if this is something the studio only can do or if parents can make the selection.
Click the Add Session button.

A message will appear to confirm the session has been added successfully


Add A New Session With New U/I Interfacing: 

  • Under the Settings options (left side of Akada Online) open the Sessions options.
  • Select Add Session

  • Enter the New Session Information including session name, registration start, and end dates.
  • Make your List Display options.


  • Make your Copied Data Selections, using the appropriate drop-downs.
  • Select what information is to be copied, if copying Classes.
  • If copying tuition tables, make your selections.
  • Select Add Session.

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